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Share the exciting things you discover on the webosphere or in real life
  • Freecycle is a global network of people giving gifts to other freely, or getting rid of their stuff, if you like. The Stoke branch is lively with treats such as catfood and bookshelves up for the taking.
  • According to a documentary on Radio 1, John Peel first heard his favourite record, Teenage Kicks, in a traffic jam in Stoke. It made him cry (the song, not the jam, probably)

Community in progressEdit

If you make it as far as getting a username here, please use the tildes to sign it here:

When there is a flock of people to chat, the topics below may provide amusing diversion to the unnoccupied Potter: feel free to suggest more topics.


You ask, other people supply. Maybe there actually already is a decent coffee shop...


Report or suggest projects for improving the city and then discuss them. Exciting proposals will move to their own section.

Pub chatEdit

It isn't just fighting and knocking back shots up 'anley, there are some nice pubs too, with some good conversation. This is the place to swap bar billard tips or just have a general chat

Vent your angerEdit

Stoke really is a goddam awful place to live sometimes, but since this Wikia is dedicated to construction and positivity, we'll confine it here. Unspill that crushing feeling of dread and dislike and sheer frustration here.

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